Roof Cleaning

We can remove moss from your roof using mechanical methods.

Moss algae and lichens can build up on your roof over time, this can often be highly unsightly and have the potential to lower the value of your property. It can also and more importantly cause premature failure of the tile surface and the roofing structure, this usually happens when moss build up stops the water from running freely off the surface of the tiles, weather conditions can then cause capillary action to force the water up the tile and into the roof space, causing sever damage over time if left untreated.

After carrying out a sight inspection to your property we can establish the best form of removal.

Removal is carried out mechanically by either using telescopic poles with a scrappers attached to match the profile of your tile, or via low pressure high temperature steam (heated to 150 degrees), a combination of the two methods my also used to minimise contamination of the surrounding area.

“Image of moss actually blocking the downward path that the rainwater would take to exit into a gutter/gully”

After all the moss has been removed we would apply a biocide treatment to eliminate any moss spores that remain. The biocide treatment also removes lichens (yellow and white crustaceans) and algae that form on the tile, the biocide is selected on the type of algae found growing and also the roof substrate (ie concrete, slate or man made fibre tiles).

Biocide is not the only treatment we offer, for the eco-conscious home owner we can offer a special eco safe softwash alternative.

All the biocide treatments we offer are licensed products by the HSE and are for professional use only. We do not and will not apply any Bleach or acid based products, for example sodium hypochlorite 14-15%, also referred to as SH or just Hypo (for dairy and swimming pool use only), this is an unlicensed product and as such will not be covered by our or any insurance, it could also invalidate any roof or building warranty you may have in place. It is mindful to know that sodium hypochlorite would only bleach the surface of the substrate as it can’t penetrate below the surface, therefore moss and biofilm would return and actually feed off the sodium left behind. There are a lot of irresponsible/uneducated individuals and companies that will use these products simply to reduce cost to appear more appealing.

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